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Top 15 Essential Digital Marketing Skills to Acquire in 2022

Olubukola Agboola helps brands of all sizes increase their revenue by implementing Digital Marketing skills and strategies.

Through the years the author has noticed that the majority of entrepreneurs want to learn digital marketing skills to help their business.

Recently I asked one of his clients “why do you see an increase in digital marketing skills trainers? Aren’t there other skills with high income that could be taught? What is the reason why digital marketing skills have become so crucial?”.

If these questions were asked years ago, he would be forgiven, but now, in this technologically driven century companies that do not adopt digital marketing skills aren’t able to stand against the challenge.

The world has taken the greatest leap in technology and technology, which means that with an internet connection and a laptop, you can create an enterprise worth billions of dollars.

Unfortunately, many business owners are still dependent on the traditional way to run their business: hire an office space than stock it up stand, and wait for clients to come flooding into.

It is apparent that this business is slowly fading out. Any business that has not embraced digital marketing in this century is bound towards a downward spiral.

If you’re not equipped with the necessary digital marketing skills and abilities today, don’t be concerned because they can be acquired.

In this article, you’ll find the best digital marketing skills/abilities you need to learn now.

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Table of Contents

Essential Digital Marketing Skills To Acquire In Nigeria

1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

One of the most important digital marketing techniques to learn is SEO. Engine Optimization(SEO). It is among the most sought-after highly-paying skills in Nigeria.

SEO, as a term is defined, is the science and art of generating organic visitors to your site or other content.

When you type in queries to the search engine (Google, Bing or Yahoo) The results pages of the search engines (SERP) provide web pages and other contents which are deemed to be appropriate to the individual.

The business world is now aware of how vital it is for their information and content to be found by search engines. Unfortunately, many do not have the ability to rank their content at the top of Google

You must learn about how to optimize your website and optimise content to improve your chances of getting on the search engines’ first pages.

Additionally, SEO keeps evolving every second, which means you must keep up-to-date with your knowledge to stay relevant in the field.

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2. Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Contrary to SEO however, you must put aside a budget for advertising Search Engine Marketing (SEM).

The basic idea is that SEM is the process of advertising your service or product by displaying paid ads on search engine result pages (SERPs) that are based on keywords.

Incredibly, you can gain this skill that can generate a lot of income to use in your company as well as offer the service as well.

In SEM advertising, advertisers make use of relevant keywords that people are likely to use in search engines when they are looking for specific items or services.

Your advertisements appear on your search engine along with other search results when your desired keyword is searched

As an SEM specialist, you will need to know a few terms such as impressions CPC, CTR, CPA and so on.

3. Email Marketing

Email marketing is an excellent way to establish a connection with your customers and establish credibility. It’s among the most efficient methods of digital marketing and also high-income abilities to learn in Nigeria.

The success of email marketing is contingent on the skills of the copywriter.

A further reason why entrepreneurs should be aware of how to tailor their message to the people they want to reach.

The process of sending out emails to the list of email addresses to establish an association with prospects and customers. Nowadays, a variety of applications have created it simple to design as well as send an email.

One such platform of them is Mailchimp There is an already-designed email template to make you make your email stand out.

4. Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing involves making use of platforms on social media to drive sales, reach out to your intended audience increase traffic and establish an image.

Most businesses across the globe use social media channels to increase their business.

If you aren’t social media-savvy this is the ideal moment to start learning it.

Nowadays, there are a variety of social media platforms for use by entrepreneurs: Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Tumblr and Whatsapp.

It is essential to comprehend your intended audience as well as the social media platform which will appeal to them. You must also learn to utilize it. To make your work easier you could utilize apps to aid you in scheduling your posts.

Every opportunity for business owners to establish an improved relationship with potential customers is crucial.

This is that community management is a must with social media abilities.

We have today a myriad of social media platforms for the use of entrepreneurs: Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Tumblr and Whatsapp.

It is essential to comprehend your intended audience as well as the social media platform which will appeal to them. You must also know how to utilize it. To make your work easier you could utilize apps to aid you in scheduling your posts.

Utilizing every opportunity as an owner of a business, to establish relationships with prospective customers is crucial.

This is why community management should be integrated with social media expertise.

5. Mobile Marketing

With the rise in mobile use, mobile marketing has become one of the best methods to get the desired results and expand any company.

It’s another profitable business idea to begin and with hot digital marketing skills that anyone can pick up today.

Nowadays, virtually everything that is done on a desktop is easily done on a smartphone. In addition, the behaviour of consumers has shifted toward mobile.

A majority of people use their phones to communicate.

The mobile market is an all-channel online marketing method which allows advertisers to reach their customers through their mobiles, tablets through email, websites and SMS, as well as MMS and social media as well as apps.

The demand to market via mobile devices is increasing. This is why it’s an excellent skill to learn.

But, mobile marketing can be very challenging, however, when you have these digital marketing skills acquired, it can make you stand above the rest.

If you’re looking for the highest-paying skills you can acquire in Nigeria We highly recommend mobile marketing.

6. Video Marketing

Video Marketing creates relevant and valuable content in the form of videos for channels such as YouTube, Instagram etc.

The internet is a place that rewards creativity and interesting content. Therefore, you can begin your YouTube channel and earn money in Nigeria right now.

If they claim that a picture will be more valuable than words. consider the value of a high-quality video.

The main purpose of video marketing is to create motion content that encourages customers’ engagement and creates the brand’s image in the right manner for your clients.

Additionally, businesses use video marketing to educate customers on the basics of their product as well as to generate social evidence. Therefore, pursuing these digital marketing techniques can be a great resource.

7. Web Data Analytics

Digital Marketing Skills

Web analytics allows you to analyze and understand the behaviour of site users. These digital marketing skills are essential in making great business decisions

There are a variety of analytic tools available currently available, which can provide you with real-time data regarding the traffic to your site, their time on your site, the pages that are visited, and many more.

This information will assist you in making important and beneficial business decision-making. It is recommended to hire assistance from a data analyst when you’re not able to judge when dealing with information.

Some top analytics tool includes Google Analytics, SEMRush, Ubbersuggest, Ahrefs etc.

8. Brand Story Telling

Brand storytelling is growing in popularity in business presentations. Stories have a distinct method of capturing the public’s attention because it connects with the viewers on emotions.

In essence, the story of a brand is the art of telling an engaging story to connect the brand with its clients.

Additionally, storytelling can be effective to increase customer engagement.

Through storytelling, you can create a bond between the customer and the brand before they make a purchase decision.

If you’re skilled in storytelling, you need to improve your ability to create captivating stories that will appeal to your audience.

9. Content Writing

Sometimes, I’m repeatedly asked, “what is the most powerful digital marketing skill to acquire”?

The most straightforward answer can be content marketing. It is among the most lucrative skills you can acquire in Nigeria.

As a guideline, most forms of marketing are dependent on content. Unfortunately, most entrepreneurs aren’t aware of how to create quality and relevant content.

Many entrepreneurs outsource their content writing assignments.

It’s nice to look at how far we’ve come in the art of creating content.

Nowadays, businesses are searching for agencies and individuals who can use content to promote their image. Content that is well-written and informative will get you prompt responses from prospective customers and clients.

The best part about online marketing positions is the possibility to operate from anywhere. If you are a company owner you can present your brand’s story of your company in a captivating manner by using content marketing.

10. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a different digital marketing technique that can make you money.

A marketer is an affiliate is one who markets or promotes products that he does not own and receives a fee for each sale.

When it comes to affiliate marketing, the company owner determines the amount of commission per sale that is made prior to an affiliate marketer has joined the program. Expertnaire is among the top affiliate marketing platforms available in Nigeria at the present, and every digital marketer can be a member.

11. UI/UX Design Skills

In recent times, UI/UX Design has turned into one of the top digital marketing abilities.

Most of the time both terms tend to become confused in the same way. UX is the term used to mean “User Experience Design” while UI is an expression that refers to “User Interface Design”

In essence, the UX (User Experience) designer determines what the user interface will do and the UI (User Interface) designer is responsible for the design of the user interface.

Once you have mastered this ability to earn a high income and experience, you will be able to help businesses and brands design a user-friendly design or an app.

12. Digital Marketing Automation

According to definition, digital marketing automation is the application of the software that allows you to efficiently promote products and services on various platforms while automating repetitive jobs.

The top digital marketers automatize the process of their Social Media posts and campaigns, as well as marketing emails.

There are a variety of automated tools. Some of which are Hootsuite, Marketo, Buffer, HubSpot, Facebook Creative Studio etc.

This program can assist you in scheduling your posts for one week, while you concentrate on other projects.

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13. Web Design

Web design is the process of creating websites that allow a brand to present its services and products as well as to connect to its intended audience. There are many aspects of digital web design which include the layout of web page graphic design, web page layout and content creation.

It’s easier to start with the design of websites than you could ever imagine.

A digital marketer must be proficient in the basics of using web-based design tools such as WordPress HTML/CSS, and HTML.

14. Graphic Design Skill

A large portion of the content that is used in the digital realm requires graphic design. This is why it’s an advantage when the digital marketer has graphics design expertise.

Graphic design involves the use of texts, images, and illustrations to convey the message to an audience.

This is a talent that is extremely relevant to the business world. As an owner of your own business, you must regularly improve your skills by using the graphic design software that is readily available.

The most well-known software include CorelDraw, Adobe Photoshop, Canva Adobe Illustrator and many more.

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15. Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is among the skills of digital marketing that have remained important in the current world.

Brands can boost their revenues by partnering with influencers on the internet to boost the brand’s visibility and implement content marketing.

Influencer Marketing refers to the process of working with people and celebrities with huge social followings on the internet to promote and increase awareness of the company.

Learning how to connect with influencers from brands within the appropriate niche and guide them from being naive to brand advocates is a vital digital marketing ability.

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A seasoned digital marketer will have an array of digital marketing skills. The skills of digital marketing are always evolving.

Therefore, if you’d like to be a successful digital marketing guru, you must ensure that your digital marketing skills/expertise are current.

Don’t let your digital marketing skills gap become a hindrance to your career in digital marketing.