How to update your website without affecting its Google rankings

How to update your website without affecting its Google rankings

Your SEO efforts can succeed or fail if you redesign a website. Find out how to accomplish it without jeopardizing your revenue, rankings, or organic traffic. The article will also be answering a popular question often raised by SEO enthusiasts that: “if I change my website, will I lose my Google ranking?”

Your SEO efforts may succeed or fail if you revamp or relaunch your website. In this article, you will find expert advice on how to update your website without affecting its Google rankings.

A single error can cause severe ranking decreases or, in the worst-case scenario, a loss of revenue.

Following are some tips for managing a site redesign without jeopardizing your organic traffic, rankings, and revenue.

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Why a redesign carries a risk by nature – How to update your website without affecting its Google rankings

A website redesign should never be taken lightly by businesses.

In addition to the effects on SEO, users don’t necessarily appreciate a website redesign. (Consider Facebook’s most recent overhaul and how GA4 is despised by most marketers

Disastrous site redesigns, re-platforming, and relaunches are the focus of many SEO horror stories.

For SEO staff and the outside SEO consultant (who frequently just gets contacted to remedy others’ mistakes), dealing with the fallout may be a nightmare.

Most website redesign attempts end in failure when:

  • Disabling website indexing.
  • No redirections are active.
  • Changing the material.


A copy of the live website is tested with the new look and feel while a redesigned website is typically prepared on a different server.

You must add the noindex meta tag to the test server (or block it in robots.txt) to prevent creating duplicate content issues with Google:

<meta name="robots" content="noindex, nofollow" />

This instructs search engines to disregard this site’s current version.

The noindex command must be removed before relaunching the website, however, this is a mistake that happens much too frequently.

Before anyone notices, it can take weeks and thousands of dollars in lost leads, sales, and money.

Therefore, make sure to delete the noindex meta tag before publishing.

No Redirects

When altering your URL structure or relocating your website to a new domain, you must “tell” Google and users where to find the new one.

Redirection is frequently disregarded unless the company has an internal SEO.

Users and search engine bots may land on error pages or be forwarded to the homepage, which would lead to a bad user experience and lost SEO prospects.

Your rankings, traffic, and conversion rates will suffer if you don’t switch over to new resources.

For one thing, you can lose that Google ranking boost if incoming links to your article go nowhere.

Google treats error pages as though your website is damaged and may entirely degrade it.

Except for 429, all 4xx errors receive the same treatment. The indexing pipeline receives a warning from Googlebot that the material is missing.

How do you solve it? Use a 301 permanent redirect.

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Addition/removal of content

Even though the website already has content, designers frequently use a “lorem ipsum” placeholder text.

They won’t understand that a significant portion of the material doesn’t fit with the new style until after the website has gone live. Additionally, the content can be destroyed rather than the design being fixed.

Sometimes business owners simply want to get rid of outdated content because it’s “old” and they don’t want to update it, no apparent reason is given.

According to ex-Googler Kaspar Szymanski’s example in his SEO horror stories:

“After content migration is complete, Google must re-crawl all new URLs in order to rank what effectively becomes whole new landing pages. These signals include backlinks and canonicals. Migration is always best prepared months in advance, meticulously planned, and carried out during a period of slow business.

Additionally, there are times when SEOs purge underperforming content before going overboard.

Over the years, links may have been attracted to your existing material. Your link equity will disappear if the content is removed.

Google also evaluates websites holistically rather than solely focused on certain pages or content. The credibility associated with your past size and prominence may be lost if your site suddenly diminishes.

The inverse holds true as well. You can’t suddenly go from 100 to 100,000 pages in a day without getting in problems with Google.

Don’t substantially increase or decrease your page count in a short period of time.

How do you solve it? Consider converting current content to the new website version as important linkable assets. Use canonical tags or just one web address per piece of content.

Comparing it to Amazon

You can choose a slow, secure method like Amazon given the dangers. The e-commerce giant is renowned for making small adjustments to its platform.

Some websites periodically remodel and relaunch, while others seem to desire to stay the same.

Amazon is a “prime” example of a website that has been consistently enhanced over time as opposed to being completely redone.

Source: Olive & Co.

Without a makeover, the present Amazon website layout has been in use since 2015. Even those earlier design modifications weren’t entirely new designs.

The progressive transformation strategy offers benefits and drawbacks.

There is no need to try to master a new interface for frequent Amazon users. The platform, however, is also hampered by growing clutter and feature creep.

If your revenue is increasing despite the poor user experience, you could be doing something correctly. If not, a redesign is likely overdue.

When should your site be redesigned?

There are some good reasons for a site relaunch despite all the hazards listed above.


After your company or website is acquired, you have a number of alternatives for handling the “old” website:

  • Some of the new owners allowed the building to decay.
  • Some direct it to the website of the new owner.
  • For some, changing the logo only entails adding “by [new owner].”

Serious website owners frequently remodel and relaunch their sites, frequently with a new name.

A new business strategy

Startups routinely switch up their business models. Sometimes the pivot is so significant that the old company model is no longer relevant.

Consider a scenario in which your startup was a tool provider before evolving into a service provider. Your prior website structure might not make sense in that situation.

Overstuffing and feature creep

Although clutter and feature creep can occur separately, they frequently go hand in hand.

Websites that are older amass stuff, options, material, and links.

It might be challenging to remove things that have evolved naturally when there is an established design and structure.

Even seasoned users will experience cognitive overload.

When: Your website may be ready for a facelift.

  • Both the exit and bounce rates increase over time.
  • The number of returning visitors declines as it becomes tougher to keep new users.

I find Amazon’s design strategy to be challenging to use. It’s cluttered, has too many features, and has adverts all over the place that aren’t even adequately mentioned.

Amazon’s website would likely no longer exist at this point if the company weren’t one of those “too big to fail” businesses.


To serve additional markets (i.e., more nations), introduce new items, or reach out to new consumers, you could also need a redesign or at the very least a design update.

In these situations, a redesign is not necessarily necessary. Depending on how readily a website can be modified to accommodate the growth.

• So you wish to offer a global audience or various languages rather than only the U.S. or UK?

• After selling shoes, do you want to offer clothing or perhaps even household goods?

• Do you prefer to connect with a broad audience over a small group of enthusiasts?

Instead of trying to cram the new goals into the constrained existing design, these significant changes may necessitate or at the very least benefit from a complete redesign.

Incompatible Technologies

Is Flash used to build your website? That was never a wise decision, particularly in light of Adobe’s demise and the fact that the majority of browsers no longer support it.

The same is true for less widely used, outdated technologies like frames and Java (not to be confused with JavaScript).

If your website still strongly relies on those, you need to take action right away. The only workable option at that point may be a complete overhaul.

There may be less evident legacy code on your website that is no longer supported by popular browsers (most notably Google Chrome and its offshoots).

I had to make a few fixes to my website over the years, not because it was broken, but because browser vendors’ standards were changing and new technologies weren’t backwards compatible.

Because the most recent PHP version deprecated some built-in functions and interpreted others differently, my website once broke.

It could be quite challenging to restore functionality after third-party technology changes on a legacy website with thousands of lines of bespoke code.

In some cases, a total redesign may end up being less expensive in the long term.

First things first, call an SEO Expert

Okay, so you’ve determined that a makeover is your only option. For God’s sake, give an SEO specialist a call right away!

It is best to involve the SEO expert as soon as possible.

As the name aptly suggests, organizations frequently begin the design process with the designers. However, the information architecture (IA), which complies with SEO, must be planned before the design.

You must speak with the SEO specialist if your team lacks a knowledgeable information architect.

Don’t rely on your UX specialist’s knowledge of IA, even if they do have it.

You can’t expect the same person to be an SEO specialist given that user experience is a separate, demanding profession that demands knowledge.

How to update without degrading SEO

Recruit an SEO expert to help you redesign website without losing SEO! Let them update all participating teams. Here are some more pointers for a website redesign that is search engine friendly.

Agree on concrete objectives

You must internalize its objectives in order to conduct a redesign well.

Some of these can be supplied by the SEO team, but there must also be overarching corporate objectives.

The revamp involves more than simply visual tweaks. Metrics that go beyond vanity must be used to validate it. It’s not enough to just increase traffic or engagement.

How will a redesign affect sales, ROI, and conversions? More data can be found on Google Analytics and SEMRush

Before you begin assessing if your goals have been attained, choose KPIs that are very relevant.

For instance, you may rebuild with the primary objective of having built-in signup forms to increase your newsletter audience rather than intrusive pop-ups and overlays. Each subscription would thus represent a conversion.

Construct the new website individually.

To code and test, use at least one local server. There are three of them in large website redesigns:

  • A server for development.
  • A trial server.
  • A running server.

You should validate your website redesign as a website accessible from outside your local network.

While you’re at it, use the noindex tag on the new site as long as it isn’t yet live.

You might be tempted to work on the live site and abruptly roll out a new theme for small WordPress-based websites.

Never, not even the bare minimum, put your reliance in pre-made themes or the design and development team to take care of your SEO!

When you quickly check your analytics, it can surprise you. Some themes (and designs) blithely disregard or carelessly rewrite the SEO foundations.

Therefore, you can have perfected your title tag structure and streamlined your headlines, and then they vanish overnight without being detected by designers or UX professionals.

Even if the headlines appear to be identical, a div, span, or p-tag will be used in place of the H1, H2, etc.

Your title tag can put the brand first or, worse still, simply use the phrase “lorem ipsum” repeatedly throughout your website. This duplicate material will cause Google to devalue or delete it from its index.

The meta tags, schema code, nofollow/sponsored/UGC attributes, image alt attributes, and minimization scripts that you laboriously built may all be utterly lost. Make a list of essential SEO attributes as a result.

Do not conflate design and coding.

It’s best to keep code, behaviour, and design separate. Your old website doesn’t currently do that? Introduce this division at the new location.

You’ll be happy. Before you even go live, there will undoubtedly be lots of modifications.

It takes time and is difficult to enter design changes into the HTML code. Additionally, it is wholly unworkable over the long run. Additionally, it can harm your SEO attempts.

In any case, content ought to be organized separately in a database. Alternatively, you might use XML or text files like.txt,.csv, if your website is a small legacy one.

Use whatever method suits you the best. Simply avoid mixing everything.

In many cases, legacy websites from the 1990s contained all of these elements in a single file, making it very impossible to make changes without also disrupting other elements.

Even current WordPress websites, however, have trouble combining content, style, and code.

Some designs need to be adjusted or have UX content added so that your translated website version includes words like “comment,” “search,” or “next.”

Never alter an active system, particularly URLs.

The phrase “never touch a running system” is used by geeks with decades of experience for a reason.

This adage holds true for search engine optimization as well. The SEO of your website might be destroyed by a small modification.

Do you currently have a high domain ranking? Is it truly necessary to change the name from x to x-y? Changing a domain name is quite risky.

You can never be sure if Google will consider your new domain to be completely equivalent to the old one.

The worst-case scenario is that the algorithm can mistakenly believe that your website is brand-new and place you in the infamous “sandbox” for new domains.

Despite claims to the contrary, seasoned SEOs are aware of the often lengthy process involved in launching a new domain. You, therefore, wish to maintain your current authority.

Please refrain from launching a new domain when the previous one is still accessible or without content authority.

Otherwise, there is a far larger chance of being perceived as a whole other project.

Another error is using two domains for the same project at once. You are competing with yourself. One of them must be “all in” for you.

Try your best to avoid changing the URL structure. In most cases, the design can be changed and improved upon without changing that.

Therefore, you may simply add or remove folders and pages to or from the existing structure unless the IA changes considerably.

If the new structure must be changed for some good reason, is there no other option besides changing your URLs?

Then, automatically redirect each URL in the.htaccess file by using the asterisk “*” and mapping all of the old URLs to the new ones in advance (or by simply modifying the URL structure slightly):

Then it might be redirected to…

You may substitute a “new-site” with something more significant or unobtrusive. As a solution, web designers frequently just add a v2 or other number.

In actuality, this can refer to something more particular at a lower level of the system.

You might keep the services page after you’ve changed your company strategy and add more particular pages underneath it.

to be…

Self, lorem ipsum! or remember content design

When looking for a new WordPress theme, you could initially fall in love with the design and then discover that once your content is shown utilizing the new theme, it looks terrible.

What took place? insufficient content design!

The design was conceived in a vacuum, and the content was idealized to complement and emphasize the “beauty” of the new design.

Use the actual content from the current site right away or start by producing content that will be shown on the new site. The design should then be built around the content only then.

Perform a content audit and evaluate each page before you prune any information. Keep the pages that are already ranked and have previously received some backlinks.

For obvious reasons, pages that receive traffic—whether it comes from searches, referrals, or direct traffic—should also be retained.

Based on the aforementioned criteria, certain content could appear to be pointless, but even if a website receives seldom visits, it still needs some content to function properly. So don’t automatically think that esoteric stuff is worthless.

Make sure to index and crawl

Why does the most crucial technical SEO section come last?

When your new site becomes online, you must verify that the SEO best practices you considered before are included in the Google index and that you are still maintaining your ranks.

  • Regularly check your statistics and Google Search Console data to spot any potential obstacles (like the noindex mentioned above).
  • Verify your automatically generated sitemaps once more, and test URLs on the live server once more using a website crawler like Screaming Frog.
  • You might wish to look at the server log files. Why? It’s possible that orphan pages and pages that haven’t been indexed elsewhere for whatever reason won’t even appear there. Even the Analytics code does not always present on all sites, which results in some pages receiving no traffic because it is hidden.

“If I change my website, will I lose my Google ranking?”

“Will I lose my Google ranking if I change my website?”
Yes, you have every possibility.
Some of the modifications made to your website that are the largest “threats” to your Google rating are listed below:
You alter the present on-page optimization strategy, you alter the content, and you alter the URL structure.
To accommodate your website’s new sitemap or navigation layout, you update your domain/subdomain and shift information around.
comes from:
Updates you make to your website to enhance user experience, rebranding efforts, and improvements you make to your backend all count. Everything culminates in your website’s overall long-term growth, traffic, and SEO rating.

Secure Your WordPress Website

Ways to Secure Your WordPress Website

Table of Contents

WordPress, a dynamic content management system and open source blogging tool based on PHP and MySQL, is the most widely used open-source platform for all types of websites. It’s very popular for its ease of use and versatile approach. A comprehensive plugin helps users manage their websites without increasing webmaster costs in order to secure your WordPress website. The WordPress website has solid security not that easy to abuse. You will need to take some precautions to keep it safe from hackers. Follow these tips to destroy a hacking plan and secure your WordPress website:

1. Secure Your WordPress Website Protecting the Administrator Rights:

Create a new administrator user name and delete the old “Administrator” user account. Hackers discover usernames in blog posts or elsewhere. So this can be the first step in masking your username by changing it regularly.

2. Protect your password for strong WordPress Website Security:

Create a strong password by combining upper and lower case letters, numbers, special characters, and spaces. Try different passwords for different websites and try to change your password often.

Another important thing to keep in mind is: “Don’t share your password with anyone. “.

3. Stay tuned for updates to secure WordPress sites:

Improving software security is always a constant concern. The updated version of WordPress focuses more on fixing bugs, introducing new features, and fixing vulnerabilities than the old one. Try the updated version to secure WordPress sites. Don’t hesitate to update themes, plugins, and servers. Remove all blocked plugins and inactive themes to secure your WordPress website.

4. Avoid brute force attacks to secure your WordPress website:

You should regularly check the IP addresses of failed login attempts. The same IP address can detect multiple attempts in a short amount of time. When someone tries to guess your password or uses a robot to find you. Block the fake IP address to prevent this brute force attack. This is one of the most efficient ways of how to protect WordPress websites from hackers and reduce WordPress security vulnerabilities.

5. Back up your data to improve WordPress website security:

Your website may suddenly crash. Do not give up; if you have a backup of your database, files, extensions, downloaded media, etc. use a backup to restore your site as before.

6. Protect your computer:

Make sure that your computer is free from spyware, malware, and virus infections. You can harden your WordPress site security by protecting your computer from malware. Use a security package, firewall, strong password, and updated software, including applications and operating systems, to protect your computer. Install an updated antivirus program. Use a secure web browser.

7. Install the encrypted connection plug-in:

Protect your connection with an encrypted connection plugin. The powerful CAPTCHA extension also helps protect your credentials.

8. Select the appropriate web server and host to secure your WordPress website:

A secure server protects the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of resources that are managed by a server administrator. Make sure your web server is secure and valid and that security software is running, or that the host is patching any vulnerability. If you are using a shared server, ask your network administrator about precautions.

9. File permissions:

Restrict file permissions. If you need to allow write access, create specific folders with fewer restrictions. You can check the permissions below and these may vary based on your needs. Also, you can harden your WordPress site security by adding to your wp-config PHP file.

WordPress Control Panel (/ wp-admin /): can only be written to a user account.

Most WordPress application logic (/ wp-includes /): can only be written for a user account.

User Submitted Content (/ wp-content /): Writable by all owners, users, groups, and the public.

Theme files (/ wp-content / themes /): Depending on the requirements. Group work is required to use the built-in theme editor. Otherwise, only one user account.

Plugin files (/ wp-content / plugins /): can only be written for a user account.

10. Avoid accessing public wireless networks from your computer to secure your WordPress website:

Hackers can use automatic password collection software on public wireless networks. To get rid of it, don’t use your WordPress site on public wireless networks.

Hackers are always one step behind. However, all the complicated steps will make your WordPress site more secure than others.

If you are looking to secure your WordPress website from hackers or you want to know how to prevent malware on WordPress websites, reach out to Olubukola Agboola. He is a website developer in Lagos who has helped many corporate organizations develop secure WordPress sites.

Online Business Presence

Hire SEO and Web Design Services for Strong Online Business Presence

Regardless of whether it is an online business or a brick-and-mortar store, a competitive business environment has increased the demand for creating, maintaining an online business presence. Because of this, every business is looking for an experienced web design expert that can meet their web design needs at an affordable price. Would you also like to create a strong online business presence? If so, this article will help you take the next step in achieving a digital presence for your business!

Plan and Build an Online Business Presence

Before planning on developing a web presence for a business, you need to make sure that the website is attractive, engaging, and interesting to grab your visitors’ attention. In addition, you need to make sure that the website reaches its target audience. Hence, it is important to use the SEO and web design services of an SEO and web design expert that can make your website and search engine friendly.

The main goal of these experts is to optimize the website according to the guidelines of the search engines in order to get a good ranking in the search engines. Once your website is hosted, you can enjoy the following benefits:

1. Multiply the chances that your website will get more traffic

2. More traffic generates more leads

3. Leads are then converted into sales

4. Improved online visibility

5. Improve the brand of your online business

6. Better credibility in the target market

7. Benefit from increased sales volumes

Regardless of the size of your business, as an entrepreneur, you don’t want to ignore all of the benefits that can help your business stand out from the crowd to build an online for your small business.

Achieve a digital presence for business hiring an SEO and Web Design Expert

This SEO and web design experts have developed different plans that cover all essential services. However, they even offer the option to tailor your plan to suit your budget constraints.

Personalization has helped various companies improve their online visibility through SEO and website design services. Whether you want to use web development or SEO services or both, they will tailor the plan to suit your needs to build an online presence.

If you want to improve your company’s visibility online, you can share your thoughts with a skilled SEO web design expert for the best solutions. They offer solutions that fit your business goals and budget.

Don’t let your competition overtake your digital marketing presence! Join a trusted company today and see your company gaining acceptance from prospective customers all over the world.

Olubukola Agboola is an SEO and web development specialist providing search engine optimization (SEO) and web design services in Lagos. Below are some of the projects he has worked upon:

Would you like to hire an SEO and Web Design Service, Expert? Reach out to us for your company’s online presence.

Web Development Trends in 2021

4 Web Development Trends Changing the World of Web Development in 2021

Table of Contents

Curious! These top trends in web development can accelerate customer retention quickly and help you optimize your website like never before.

We all know the pandemic has negatively impacted almost every job, but have you ever thought about adjusting your business in disguise? Otherwise, web development trends can help here. If you own a major web Development Company or you are a web developer as a freelance or even as an employee, reading this article will be an added benefit for you.

You don’t have to have a big-budget game plan to accept these trends. You just have to subtly and incrementally advance these trends and you will see dynamic change, even in the long run! Let’s see what these trends are:

This trend has a direct impact on customer loyalty and the search engine optimization of your website. According to web design statistics, 94% of first impressions are based on web design. If you are opportune to have your customer’s experience, website design is just as important as the main product.

It is not enough to present a striking model, it has to be convincing at the same time.

Motion UI is one of those exciting web development trends 2021 that can help you create a website that suits your customers’ needs. Motion UI is a robust interface library for creating custom animated interface elements. It allows you to create modular transitions, background animation or motion graphics, etc.

With all of these and more, you can implement your unique style and force the user to come back. Motion UI is even more useful when designing progressive web applications as an advancement in web development.

In addition, Motion UI helps improve the ranking of web applications in search results. This makes Motion UI one of the most important modern trends in web application development.

Back then, everything revolved around text until the term “personalization” began gaining attention. Everything that requires customization has the term personalization in common.

The concept of voice search also applies to user personalization.

Recently, the concept of voice search has taken over the world as people today prefer something that is easily possible. They don’t want to invest their efforts in something that is being done to mitigate their efforts. Yes, search engines, these portals are for people, and we can’t think of a better way to introduce customizations in search engines.

With voice search, the idea of ​​helping people with personalized services is on the road to success. According to a study by Juniper, 55% of all households worldwide will have voice assistants by 2022. But this is not limited to virtual household helpers such as Google Home, Alexa or Siri.

There are many advantages to adopting voice search technologies in businesses. This is the most effective way to directly increase customer loyalty and experience.

3. Progressive web applications (PWA)

If you could produce the best web and the best applications as the web development trend, it should be nothing but PWA. The progressive web app has been developed and updated with modern APIs that offer advanced features, reliability, and easy installation, reaching anyone anywhere and on any device with a basic code.

PWA is probably one of the strongest trends and advancements in web development trends. Optimize your website worldwide by bringing your web browsing experience closer to your own mobile apps and

In simple terms, PWA is a website, but it offers the functionality traditionally available for native apps (e.g. push notifications, offline access, hardware connections). Progressive Web Applications (PWAs) can save companies up to 75% in maintenance and development costs.

Here are the most popular companies in the world that have already created PWAs and are benefiting from them for their business:




Virgin of America

Washington Post

4. Artificial intelligence bots (AI Bots) is one of the latest web development technologies

Web development companies typically operate in different time zones and are represented on several continents. This makes organizing good customer service a very complex and costly undertaking, especially given the 24 * 7 support required in this case.

Artificial intelligence chatbots enable millions of businesses and many companies to quickly conduct transactions through text or voice chats. Nowadays it is very important to know the latest trends in website development technology. With artificial intelligence chatbots proliferating, it is extremely important that businesses of all sizes have continuous interaction with their customers.

Bottom line:

So, these are 4 crucial trends every web developer should use to speed up their web development process. And if you have a business and are considering hiring a dedicated developer, you can connect here for your execution of the latest web development technologies in 2021 and beyond.

Web Designer & Developer

Differences Between a Web Designer & Developer

Web design and development are two widely used terms. We can all be guilty of doing it ourselves when we talk about designing or developing a website or program on the Internet. When we refer to the areas of design and development, especially for various reasons, we usually do not differentiate them, especially fields related to the online world. And what exactly is the difference between a web designer & web developer? And why should we be careful to use them in return?

Web design refers to designing a website’s visual aspect with its performance, images, and content. Web design provides the perfect framework for the appearance of web pages. The web design cannot, however, in any case, copy the web code. Rather, it is a thought process and content presentation that will be created in the latest web version with the online code.

In contrast, web development refers to the creation and compilation of code and web pages suitable for a web page displayed and used over the Internet in a manner intended for its users. Although website design is related to website layout, web developers have good features and functionality. Website developers use scripting languages ​​such as JavaScript and databases like PHP and ASP.NET, which build websites.

It is important to understand the difference between modeling and website development when looking for a smart assistant and your website to make sure you are using the right person. If you need someone to help you change the color, look, tone and graphic elements of your website, you need a web design expert. To integrate new HTML pages and improve the functionality of these existing applications and communications, you need the help of a web developer who can create these elements while increasing the site’s performance.

Olubukola Agboola specializes in fast website search and development, content writing, digital marketing, and SEO services, offering unique and comprehensive ways to grow your online business. With over six years of industry experience and a commitment to customer service, Olubukola Agboola will offer your website a competitive advantage with popular web design and personal web development.

Diligently Outsource Your Web Design & Developer Needs

If you are like most entrepreneurs, you know that you need to be online to reach a large audience. The problem is that you can get endless resources to build Internet presence through methods like getting a custom website, adding SEM optimization / consulting (SEM / SEO) services, and paying for each click (PPC), a print blog, printing or banners.

The good news is that looking for more work than you can get in the general market is a common problem. And as with the problems often encountered in major markets, there is at least one way around this problem.

First of all, before looking for a website or business, consider your needs. When you want to grow your business, information, or service online, some important questions to ask yourself are:

1) What exactly will be the main purpose of my website

Providing information, adding in-house sales, creating online sales, selling sales, saving money, and promoting website quality or promoting your current site?

2) What great budget are you working on?

Later on in this article, I propose a range of related service providers whose services range from cheaper to more expensive. I will also look at some of the quality differences you can expect, depending on your pay.

3) Have you thought about your service requirements for disclosure to a professional or developer?

Understanding what you are looking for will increase your chances of finding it. If you want a web-based upgrade, take the time to find these products that you can customize for your web group, so they have an idea of ​​what you want.

Since this applies to almost any graphic design or web development service required by the operator (s), most professional companies should create websites that offer question marks or “design tips” that will help you make thinking and leaving clearly what it is required. These summaries should ask you about your business, your other favorite activities, your favorite color choices, and more.

Second, now that you have meditated on important projects, now is the time to start searching for the right employee.

The good news is that there are thousands of websites, graphics, search engines, and SEO companies to choose from. Oh wait, maybe this is bad news … With many providers in this market, you may need help finding the best suppliers for you.

Tips to help you start a web design and web developer business:

1) Check Craigslist is the most active social media site based on the Internet. Since this site is free and receives billions of pages per month, many service providers nationwide and nationally advertise it. Web, technology, and online consultants are often found on Craigslist’s “Creative Services” or the “IT Services” section.

2) Search for “XYZ files” and find a website that provides a complete list of required providers. Note: Replace “XYZ” for the type of service you need. For example, you can find “Web Listing Tools.”

3) If you can’t search by yourself, here are some reputable national ISPs: This Company is a highly regarded website and logo design company. Their prices are high, but if you are not careful about your budget, you will find that the products produce quality. They will charge you an average of $ 5,000 to $ 10,000.

Ink Blot Design Studios is a national website development company founded to provide high-quality websites and logos. If your budget is between $ 39 and $ 5,000, they are a good choice. These are for big boys. Their logo templates cost only $ 600 (compared to Ink Blot Design logos and the Logoworks logo $ 299). These template-based websites can cost $ 3,000 (compared to other companies). However, if you are looking for prestige (a perfectly reasonable desire) and are willing to pay for it, this may not be a bad idea.

Sure, there are other options to support your design projects (,, and others.), but I haven’t included their review here due to the frequency of complaints they receive from previous clients who tried to hire cheap workers overseas and ended up getting burned for their money. This does not mean that you cannot find good service providers in places like this. You must be very careful not to lose money and be disappointed with the resulting product.

Lastly, I did not specifically discuss the SEO services here because you can get the same services with the suggested methods of finding web designer & developer. You can also contact the companies I mentioned above because some of them also offer SEO and SEM services. And If you are looking for a standalone consultant on SEO and SEM services. You can also contact me for your SEO and SEM services. I even wrote a book on them on Amazon. You can click here to see the list of my books on Amazon. These are skills that you may like to learn or use for your services.

I wish you the best with your new website or graphic design for your business!

Next, I will be talking about tips to go through if you want to learn these skills yourself and use it for your business or make money rendering such services to clients.

7 Tips to Learn Web Design & Web Developer Skills and Become Successful

No additional resources are needed to view web content. Employers especially appreciate gifts and experiences. Many good web developers develops the habit of learning from books and online video tutorials, software, and tutorials. I must confess that most of the skills I have are gathered through self-development reading books or videos online

1. Learn to script

In addition to the programming languages, the information for the scripts will be revised. Learn more about JavaScript, which is known to provide a good foundation for partitioning programming. Server-side scripting is also very useful.

2. Learn Graphics

Graphic design is an important part of web design. Check out the graphics and editing programs that can help you create websites like Dreamweaver, Photoshop, and FrontPage. These are just the three most popular aspects, but there is an entire category. However, many employers are looking for the skills they need to be successful.

3. Create your website

This is a great opportunity to learn and demonstrate your skills. It is also a great way to show others what to do and sell your business. You can use it to test your range first. Once your site is set up, you can use it to show your work to others. You can continue to build for others, such as family or friends, to have a portfolio.

4. Learn more from trends

What has worked for a while now might be futile and no longer useful. Discover the trending news in the sector, and compare them. Let yourself be inspired to create a constantly evolving style. Viewers will understand the beauty in your work and be much more interested in your work.

5. Don’t be alone

We know that learning is a process that requires much effort. As a successful web designer & developer, you need to do something in the realm of developers and consultants. Contact forum sites, read, and contact and meet other web designer & developer in the community.

6. Networking

When you join your web designer & developer community, you should not limit yourself. Find out what other areas of interest, such as social media and business presentations, connect with.

7. Consider different types

Successful web designers use different tools and create web pages. Purchase user software and access control software such as software and test software, FTP clients, and editors for HTML and CSS. Focus on creating different types of websites for different customers to experience different options.

Olubukola Agboola is a professional author, web designer & developer himself who has gone through different areas this article talks about. He has been doing free writing projects for a long time. While engaging in web designer & developer jobs at his workplace. He discovered that once someone has mastered the skills needed to be a web developer. it does not stop there. You need to constantly read as processes, methods, and tools change. Never miss any of his writings by subscribing to the newsletter below. Get first hand and real-time information on topics he will be dropping soon.

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