Web Development Trends in 2021

4 Web Development Trends Changing the World of Web Development in 2021

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Curious! These top trends in web development can accelerate customer retention quickly and help you optimize your website like never before.

We all know the pandemic has negatively impacted almost every job, but have you ever thought about adjusting your business in disguise? Otherwise, web development trends can help here. If you own a major web Development Company or you are a web developer as a freelance or even as an employee, reading this article will be an added benefit for you.

You don’t have to have a big-budget game plan to accept these trends. You just have to subtly and incrementally advance these trends and you will see dynamic change, even in the long run! Let’s see what these trends are:

This trend has a direct impact on customer loyalty and the search engine optimization of your website. According to web design statistics, 94% of first impressions are based on web design. If you are opportune to have your customer’s experience, website design is just as important as the main product.

It is not enough to present a striking model, it has to be convincing at the same time.

Motion UI is one of those exciting web development trends 2021 that can help you create a website that suits your customers’ needs. Motion UI is a robust interface library for creating custom animated interface elements. It allows you to create modular transitions, background animation or motion graphics, etc.

With all of these and more, you can implement your unique style and force the user to come back. Motion UI is even more useful when designing progressive web applications as an advancement in web development.

In addition, Motion UI helps improve the ranking of web applications in search results. This makes Motion UI one of the most important modern trends in web application development.

Back then, everything revolved around text until the term “personalization” began gaining attention. Everything that requires customization has the term personalization in common.

The concept of voice search also applies to user personalization.

Recently, the concept of voice search has taken over the world as people today prefer something that is easily possible. They don’t want to invest their efforts in something that is being done to mitigate their efforts. Yes, search engines, these portals are for people, and we can’t think of a better way to introduce customizations in search engines.

With voice search, the idea of ​​helping people with personalized services is on the road to success. According to a study by Juniper, 55% of all households worldwide will have voice assistants by 2022. But this is not limited to virtual household helpers such as Google Home, Alexa or Siri.

There are many advantages to adopting voice search technologies in businesses. This is the most effective way to directly increase customer loyalty and experience.

3. Progressive web applications (PWA)

If you could produce the best web and the best applications as the web development trend, it should be nothing but PWA. The progressive web app has been developed and updated with modern APIs that offer advanced features, reliability, and easy installation, reaching anyone anywhere and on any device with a basic code.

PWA is probably one of the strongest trends and advancements in web development trends. Optimize your website worldwide by bringing your web browsing experience closer to your own mobile apps and

In simple terms, PWA is a website, but it offers the functionality traditionally available for native apps (e.g. push notifications, offline access, hardware connections). Progressive Web Applications (PWAs) can save companies up to 75% in maintenance and development costs.

Here are the most popular companies in the world that have already created PWAs and are benefiting from them for their business:




Virgin of America

Washington Post

4. Artificial intelligence bots (AI Bots) is one of the latest web development technologies

Web development companies typically operate in different time zones and are represented on several continents. This makes organizing good customer service a very complex and costly undertaking, especially given the 24 * 7 support required in this case.

Artificial intelligence chatbots enable millions of businesses and many companies to quickly conduct transactions through text or voice chats. Nowadays it is very important to know the latest trends in website development technology. With artificial intelligence chatbots proliferating, it is extremely important that businesses of all sizes have continuous interaction with their customers.

Bottom line:

So, these are 4 crucial trends every web developer should use to speed up their web development process. And if you have a business and are considering hiring a dedicated developer, you can connect here for your execution of the latest web development technologies in 2021 and beyond.