6 Ways To Improve Your Small Business SEO Marketing In 2020

How to improve your SEO strategy

1. Start a blog

How to improve your SEO strategy

Any small business without blogs will lose the opportunity to expand and attract more traffic, as businesses that publish blogs will receive 97% more backlinks than those that don’t.
A blog is an easy way to organically refine your website’s keywords, and creating new default content means search engines will crawl your site more often. Rather, they recognize valuable content that changes over time and increase the ranking of your site.
Character development based on target audience goals, age, shopping habits, hobbies, etc. helps companies maximize the importance of their messages.

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Written by Olubukola Agboola

Olubukola Agboola is a certified Database Professional, digital expert, full stack developer and author.
He is a college graduate of Computer Engineering. He is a prolific web and mobile developer who has worked on many projects including top companies.
Olubukola is passionate about technology and business. He consults individuals, brands, businesses on how to achieve their business goals using technology. He plays with technology because he loves the empowerment that technology can bring and also because he is attracted to anything innovative.


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