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Why were TikTok Ads Account Suspended? How Do You Fix Them?

TikTok Ads Account Suspended

TikTok Ads Account Suspended

Currently, TikTok is among the best-known social media networks in the world. In addition to being a site for fun, TikTok is also a big market for businesses.

Advertisers thoroughly researched their products, creatives, and TikTok policy before taking the very first step in running advertisements on the app.

Although many advertising agencies offer agency TikTok advertising accounts on behalf of the official TikTok Agency Ad Account for our customers, we discovered that TikTok ads account suspended are usually frequent.

This blog article will discuss this issue (TikTok Ads Account Suspended).

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1. Why were the accounts for TikTok ads suspended?

Without reading the terms, when you create a TikTok ads account, you agree to the terms and conditions of TikTok ads. When you violate TikTok policies, this results in the suspension of your TikTok advertisements account.

When your account’s banner reads “Your account has been suspended” or your advertising status reads “Suspended,” it denotes that their advertising standards have been violated. Your account may be deleted as a result of the TikTok Ads Account Suspended.

See the contributing factors listed below that led to TikTok Ads account suspension.

• There are issues with the creatives, qualifications, or services that violate TikTok standards, such as including contents linked to trademark and copyright, counterfeiting, politics, firearms, drugs, women and child abuse, sexual nature, and other issues of this sort. Visit this site for more information about TikTok’s advertising policies on TikTok ads account suspended.

• Users or other channels have reported or complained about your account to us.

• Malicious actions or purposes during ad production are suspected.

• If, after the ads begin to deliver, the advertisers make changes to the landing page.

• If you see an unusual charge on your credit card.

• If there is a long-standing balance on your account that has not been paid, in most markets, this starts at 90 days past due. Please get in touch with your account manager for further information in detail.

2. What transpires once the advertisements account is shut down?

• The suspended ad account’s advertisements will all come to an end. TikTok Ads Account Suspended cannot update account information, create new ad accounts, add money to existing ad accounts, or remove funds from the suspended account. However, these ads can be reopened after the account suspension is reversed.

Following TikTok regulations, many TikTok advertising agencies are unable to assist users in transferring their TikTok ads account suspended account’s remaining balance to another advertiser’s account. When you discontinue using their service, they may only assist with refunds.

Finally, I recommend that users abide by TikTok standards to run successful ad campaigns on the platform.

Finally, TikTok Advertisers offer the following advantages to TikTok agency accounts:

• Completely target 55+ nations

Payment options include Payoneer, PingPong, PayPal, and USDT. They provide technical help, while TikTok provides direct support. Fast and limitless top-up is also available.

Support for the TikTok ad library, papers, and courses

Why has TikTok terminated your account for ads? How do you fix it?

Any channel that runs ad campaigns while running TikTok ads will eventually have its account suspended. To avoid this issue, it is crucial to comprehend and abide by the TikTok Ads policy. Let’s find out why and how to get you out of this position if your TikTok ad account is suspended in this article.

Why has TikTok terminated your account for ads?

Your TikTok ads account suspended typically results from a pattern of offences. Your account has been suspended, or your advertising status now reads “suspended,” meaning all your currently running ads will be paused regardless of how well they perform, according to TikTok Ads Manager.

The TikTok Ads Account Suspended stage may occur for several causes, including the following:

• Advertising violations

• User Feedback

Issues with landing pages and brand piracy

• Charger problem

1. Ads that violate policy

TikTok ad accounts are typically terminated due to violations of the following policies:

The TikTok app

TikTok has rigorous guidelines on the kinds of products that can be advertised on this site. Therefore, to avoid being banned for breaking these TikTok standards, advertisers and companies must keep a few things in mind.

Services or goods that are prohibited:

• Adult-oriented products, services, and entertainment; animals and animal parts

 cigarettes tobacco products

• Piracy and infringement of intellectual property

Political issues; Drugs and paraphernalia; Police and military equipment; Paraphernalia; Unacceptable Business Practices such as Unjustified Claims, Forgery, Identity Theft,

• Inappropriate companies, goods, or services, such as those who provide abortion, burial services, potentially harmful chemicals, or prenatal sex analysis.

• Weapons and weapon accessories

The first time you attempt to promote a forbidden good or service, TikTok may only issue you a warning and flag your account. But if you break the rules again, your ad campaign won’t be approved, your advertising will be disabled, and your account will be suspended.

Ad creative infractions

TikTok Ads Account Suspended – Content Violation

Common errors that many advertisers and companies make that result in content breaches include:

• Language, ad copy, and spelling textual mistakes

• Touchy pictures

• Before-and-after comparisons; exaggeration of product usage or features; use of images, logos, or videos that contravene copyright and trademark regulations

• Images that are fuzzy and hazy

Remove informational material; make mistakes with information; make mistakes with landing pages; make mistakes with hashtags in Spark Ads.

• Ads that were created with malicious intent or behaviour

TikTok may also immediately suspend your account if any suspicious actions or harmful intent are detected during the development of an advertisement. Your ad account may be flagged, partially restricted, or disabled depending on the seriousness and frequency of the violations. To avoid having your ad accounts suspended, look over our TikTok Ad Review checklist.

2. User Feedback

You will be shadowbanned after users report your account before TikTok suspends it. When viewers find your content offensive or unsuitable, this typically occurs.

3. Brand theft on the TikTok app

TikTok Ads Account Suspended – Brand Theft

When you advertise on TikTok, brand piracy occurs when your content infringes on the reputation of another brand. Specifically, landing pages with the names of well-known international companies on the market (Adidas, Nike, Puma, etc.) should feature images of logos, labels, text content, or other branding elements.

(4) A landing page problem

After the commercials begin to deliver, advertisers tamper with or alter the landing page, which is inconsistent with the content or is against TikTok standards.

During the advertising campaign, TikTok frequently strictly censors landing pages (Landing Pages). If one of the following mistakes is present on the landing page, you’ve chosen to advertise on:

• Non-functional landing page: The landing page is outdated, under development, has gaps in the content, is not user-friendly for mobile devices or downloads files to users’ phones without their knowledge.

• Landing page with prohibited content: Using restricted or forbidden goods, words, or images is against TikTok’s rules.

• Lack of information: This includes information about the company’s name, address, different business licenses, prices displayed in local currency, terms and conditions, shipping details, privacy policies, etc.

• The Privacy Policy applies to land pages:

TikTok will not accept landing pages that request sensitive personal information. Personal identification, financial insurance, network identity, biometrics, and medical health information are all included in this data.

The first time you break the TikTok Ads landing page’s advertising policy, your account will be flagged before being suspended.

5. Problems paying

Unusual charges have been made to your credit card. Or your account has a balance that was paid a while ago; in most marketplaces, this happens when a debt is 90 days past due.

The only way to resolve this issue is to add enough ad balance to regain control of the account.

What transpired after the suspension of your TikTok Ad Account?

• The suspended ad account’s linked advertising will all be terminated. These advertisements may be triggered once the account suspension has been lifted.

• Ad accounts that have been suspended are unable to modify their account details.

• Suspended accounts are ineligible to be utilized to open new ad accounts, fund already-existing ad accounts, or withdraw funds.

How are TikTok Ads account suspended to get unbanned From the Internet?

Your TikTok advertising account can be reactivated in one of two ways:

• Create an issue with the TikTok Customer Support System.

• Get in touch with a TikTok marketing partner with an appeal TikTok suspension.

Businesses can get in touch with TikTok’s customer service system if their advertising account has been suspended. Account penalized TikTok Ads have the option to challenge the suspension, and the platform’s employees will then either revisit the decision or request changes to ensure that the commercials adhere to its ad policy.

Step 1 is to go to TikTok Ad Manager.

Step 2: On the Dashboard’s upper right side, click the question mark, then choose Customer Support.

Step 3: To view the options, click Account Review.

TikTok Ads Account Suspended – Tiktok Ad Review

Step 4 of the process is to select the Ads Account Suspension Appeal.

Referring to TikTok Ad Manager

Step 5: Complete the necessary fields, hit “Submit,” and then appeal your suspension. The user will typically hear back from the appeal within a few business days.

Because TikTok typically does not consider appeals filed 180 days after the account has been suspended, you should submit the appeal ticket as soon as you can. In some extraordinary cases, the deadline for filing an appeal against the suspension may be extended.

Referring to TikTok Business Ad Manager, TikTok cautions users against creating new advertising accounts because the suspension of the account is not lifted when a ticket is submitted for appeal. If you make a new account, it will affect how the appeal against suspension is evaluated.

How do I appeal my TikTok ad account suspension?

Please find the notification in your TikTok inbox by going there.
Just tap the notification.
Tap Send out a plea.
Pay close attention to the instructions.

How long is a TikTok account suspended for?

Your account will be temporarily suspended when you promote actions that violate community rules or display inappropriate content. You will be prohibited from using the live stream for 24 to 72 hours, occasionally seven days.

For a temporary ban, TikTok will notify you with the message, “Oops, your account has been temporarily stopped.” On the other hand, you get the notification that “This account is temporarily suspended” for a permanent ban.

A permanent suspension indicates that a user has repeatedly broken the community rules of TikTok. The account is permanently suspended, and the user cannot open another account using the same email address or mobile number. The platform’s support channels can be used to file an appeal if you believe the permanent suspension was an error.

TikTok account temporarily suspended can’t log in

How can I get access to my suspended TikTok account? If you believe your TikTok account was banned inadvertently, review the Community Guidelines and file an appeal by using this link:

TikTok ad account suspended reddit

Check out this thread on Reddit to see how people like you are giving tips on how they were able to fix their suspended TikTok account

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