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Bitcoin has arrived, Real Estate and Gold have been lost

“Bitcoin has arrived, Real Estate and Gold have been lost”, warned the author “Rich Father, Poor Father”

The popularity of Bitcoin among traditional investors has increased in recent months, with the government and the central bank taking steps to compensate for the economic damage caused by the coronavirus.

The price of bitcoin, which has been in the doldrums since the coronavirus outbreak in March, has been on the water for the past two months – despite the fact that investors have a platform announcing their intention to buy bitcoin.

Now the author of a rich father, a poor father Robert Kiyosaki, who previously praised bitcoin for unusual things, warns that “land and gold are being wiped out” – and “the world of bitcoin coming out now. ”

Bitcoin has arrived, Real Estate and Gold have been lost

“I think it is important to understand the world of cryptography, especially for seniors like me, because this world is emerging when real houses and golden men crowd us,” said Kiyosaki, listening to her on the radio and on YouTube. Poor Dad, published in 1997 by my wealthy dad, Endorses the Importance of Financial Literacy and is NOW the New York Times Best Seller + 1.7% and sells about 40 million worldwide.

Speaking to bitcoin and cryptocurrency investor Anthony Pomplian, Kiyosaki predicted that the price of bitcoins would rise to $ 75,000 per bitcoin in three years – now below $ 10,000.

“Today there is a war between old and young,” said Kiyosaki, pointing out that investors like Warren Buffett, known as Omaha Oracle, are “anti-encryption”.

“As an old man, it took me a while to get into [bitcoin and encryption] but now I’m buying it,” Kiyosaki said, trying to buy bitcoins in late 2017 when the price hit $ 20,000 but that Trade not completed.

Kiyosaki’s interest in bitcoins grew earlier this year when bitcoins received a well-known medium-term loan as the US Federal Reserve and other banks around the world struggled to print money to support a thriving economy. two coronaviruses.

“Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies now hold the spirit of the US dollar compared to other currencies,” Kiyosaki wrote in a radio interview.

“In May 2020, history pushed daily bitcoin imports from 1,800 Bitcoins a day to 900 Bitcoins a day – a kind of difficulty – as opposed to what the Central Bank does by printing billions of dollars. The Central Bank, in an easy way, makes money” They make money ” counterfeit money “and lend it to the government. On the other hand, bitcoin is fully expanded, meaning no one can move the market, and there is no one-time key, ”Kiyosaki wrote, adding,“ it will be interesting to see how long the central bank can withstand competition through online money before he signs a contract. ”

Last month, financial analyst Jim Rogers warned of bitcoin, saying “similar NGOs” will not survive. While it is true that bitcoin does not depend on the existence of a government, it may seem illegal.

Bitcoin Price

Pompliano, co-founder of Bitcoin and crypto hedge fund Morgan Creek Digital, who recently convinced comedian Bill Burr to “get bitcoin,” defended his prediction that bitcoin would reach $ 100,000 in the coming years as a popular but controversial flow-stock model (SF ).

“The stock-to-flow ratio models used in the gold world have been upgraded to the movement of bitcoin prices, which have become more accurate over time,” said Pompliano.

However, some have rejected the SF model, which popularized the pseudonym for a Dutch institutional investor operating under the PlanB Twitter account in a Medium article from 2019, such as bitcoin “marketing”.

“SF paper is not a true empirical analysis, but more of a marketing piece in which the author tries to convince readers that bitcoin will be worth a lot more tomorrow,” Nico Cordeiro, chief investment officer, and fund manager at Strix Leviathan wrote recently in an article to Coindesk.

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